Epicurean Cutting Boards

Posted by Kerry on 14th Sep 2015

We absolutely love Epicurean cutting boards. To start, they are made in the USA. Most of their boards are made out non-porous wood fiber and are heat resistant to 350ºF.  You can put them in the … read more


Posted by Mary on 9th Jul 2015

If you're like me, you're always on the hunt for easy dinner recipes. You're don't want to be bland, but you don't want to be buying 30 ingredients to make something that you read in a magazine. The s … read more

Homemade Pizzas

Posted by Mary on 1st Jul 2015

Who doesn't love the taste of a homemade pizza? Most of us have never tried making it oursleves before because the process to get that yummy slice of heaven sounds daunting... but it's not! It's chepa … read more
Top 20 Tuesday | Vitamix

Top 20 Tuesday | Vitamix

Posted by Kerry on 30th Jun 2015

TOP 20 TUESDAY: VitamixVitamix is a gift to my 50's. Like most teenagers in the 70's, I went through a juicing phase. Then again the 80's, and 90's, and 00's...Each time, I went at with vigor and enth … read more
Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner

Posted by Mary on 28th Jun 2015

I'm already thinking about dinner, and this rainy Sunday has me in the mood for some homemade pizza. We recently got in these beautiful pizza stones from Sparq that are handcrafted from one solid bloc … read more