Top 20 Tuesday | Trifolium Farms Raw Honey

Posted by Mary on 2nd Jun 2015

TOP 20 TUESDAY: Trifolium Farms Raw Honey Sure, I play favorites. But only when it is merited. Am I proud of my niece Jennifer French and her young daughters for being the coolest beeke … read more

Top 20 Tuesday | Swiss Diamond Cookware

Posted by Kerry on 5th May 2015

In the 30 years that I have sold kitchenware, this is the very best nonstick cookware I have ever used. Bar none. Every customer who buys a piece of Swiss Diamond comes back to buy another! It's that … read more

It's Wedding Season!

Posted by Kerry on 27th Apr 2015

As spring {finally} begins to bloom, we can't help but to notice that love is in the air! One of our favorite services that we provide here at Vermont Kitchen Supply is our wedding registry. We love t … read more

Top 20 Tuesday: Garlic Perfection

Posted by Mary on 7th Apr 2015

TOP 20 TUESDAY: Garlic PerfectionIf you have ever been in my shop, you most likely have heard me (or one of my staff) gushing about this garlic tool. Truly one of my favorite tools, there is always … read more

Top 20 Tuesday | Bob's Maple Shop

Posted by Kerry Comollo on 1st Apr 2015

TOP 20 TUESDAY | Bob's Maple ShopDo you know your sugar farmer? We know ours. The Bushee Family has been boiling sap for a million years. They take great pride in the syrup they produce. And we t … read more