Dragon's Toe Pepper - The Mystical Pepper

Posted by Sarah K. on 4th Jul 2020

The Dragon's Toe 

The first time I heard about Dragon's Toe Pepper, I thought to myself -- what kind of mystical & magical pepper is this? It sounded like something straight out of a Harry Potter book. As it turns out, Dragon's Toe Pepper is an unusual pepper that originates from Southern China. 

These peppers have a unique and convoluted shape.Don't be fooled by their shape! Just because these peppers have a few wrinkles, they are sweet with a kick!!!

Dragon's Toe grow best in well-drained fertile soil. They are said to be the first type of Capsicum annuum to harvest. The peppers can be green and red. The green peppers are the first to mature, while the red takes just a little bit longer. 

If you're wondering what you can use these pepper's for, here are some suggestions. The green pepper is more commonly and best used for stir fry, while the red pepper makes a great addition to any salad. Remember, sweet with a little kick!!! There are also some spicy pepper jam recipes out there -- if you are into that. 

Wok This Way!

If you're new to the stir fry game, here are some products from our store to get you started. 


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There are many stir fry recipes out there, so find one that suits your dietary preferences. If you really want to spice things up and have a tolerable palate to do so, we recommend adding a little of this Szechuan Spice from the Teeny Tiny Spice Company. Not only will you get that little kick from your Dragon Toe pepper, but this spice adds Szechuan pepper with chili heat and the aromatics of ginger, cinnamon, star anise and cardamom to create an exotic and fiery blend.

Spice Things Up!

So, next time you feel like impressing your friends and family or feel like growing something new in your garden think about Dragon's Toe Pepper. It's easy to grow and adds so much flavor and remember it's sweet with a kick!!! Thanks for reading and be sure to visit Vermont Kitchen Supply for woks, spices, & more.