If you think it's Spring, just wait

Posted by Kerry Comollo on 26th Mar 2015

Let me make this clear:

I am a Winter girl. I love the snow and the wintry skies.

The meals I prepare in the colder months are my favorite foods. I'd rather be too cold than too hot. A fire in the fireplace is one of my favorite things. Snowshoeing, x-c skiing and feeding the birds - love them all.

This winter was one of my best ever. Vermont had piles of snow taller than me...perfect for this girl. 

Then we had a couple of warm days. The sap ran and I boiled it into amber beauty. My love affair with Winter 2015 was waning. The snow was ebbing and the mud looked surprisingly tantalizing.

But, true to Green Mountain form - it got cold again. Ten degrees cold. And I like it.