Made in Vermont - Chef Jordan Ware's Wooden Cutting Boards

Posted by Sarah K. on 7th Aug 2020

Quick Recap

As a kitchen supply store, our job is to help customers shop for all their cooking and baking needs  At the same time, our job is to be a representative of Vermont. By that, we mean informing customers about our favorite restaurants, shops, things to do, etc.  As a Vermont based business, we love to highlight and support our local artisans. They form the backbone of our communities by providing culture and tradition.

On our website, you can find a section titled Made in Vermont. We are proud of our fellow Vermonters that are creating and crafting unique products.

Top Favorite Made in Vermont Products

Reusable Microwave Popcorn Bag- Made by one of our very own talented VKS team members! Forget about store bought microwave popcorn and those bags with chemicals and artificial flavorings, these reusable microwave popcorn bags are the way to go. Hand made in Vermont and eco-friendly, just add kernels to the bag and pop away! Machine washable and instructions included. 

Vase -Beautifully handcrafted in Vermont by Artisan Beth Mueller. Choose an image for these sweet vases. Can also be used as a cute creamer for your coffee. Makes a great gift! 4" tall.

VT Cook Stick -Vermonter, woodworker and friend Richard Farley has always made beautiful wooden spoons. One day, his wife Dale was using a broken spoon and he offered to make her a new one. But she declined because she liked the way the broken one fit in the corners of the pan and how it scraped up all the lovely bits on the bottom of the pan. I saw Dale using it and wanted one of my own!! So, Richard made me my very own "cook stick". It quickly became my favorite and I begged him to make them in quantity so I could sell them in my shop. He did and we do

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A recent addition to our Made in VT section, comes from Jordan Ware. Ware, is the Chef at Hen of the Wood located in Burlington, VT. 

If you are  unfamiliar with this incredible eatery, Hen of the Wood serves seasonal American food celebrating the farms of Vermont and the northeast.  They are a food conscious eatery and do their part by supporting local growers that practice environmentally sound agriculture.

Over the last year, Ware has been crafting these gorgeous wooden cutting boards in his garage in South Burlington. He sources the high quality wood that he uses from Tree House Lumber in South Burlington. The boards are a delightful mix of Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, Hard Maple, Sepeleh and Cherry. 

Continued Story 

When asked why he started making these cutting boards, his response was " like to make boards I would want to use in my own kitchen. Solid, finished well, something you can use hard everyday." When looking at the quality and craftsmanship of these boards in person, I can tell you that they are exactly as Ware describes them. 

To make the boards, Ware buys rough sawn lumber that he mills in his garage. "Wood is a constantly moving breathing thing so the process from lumbar yard to glued together boards is almost always different " says Ware. After gluing the strips together and planing the boards he spends a significant amount of time sanding and he always does the last grit by hand so he knows it's as smooth as a he can make it.

So I asked Ware, do you prefer using a wooden cutting board or a plastic cutting board in your own kitchen? The answer was pretty obvious, " I prefer wooden boards, especially end grain boards. They have a feel to them while you are cutting you just can not compare to plastic. Our cutting board is always on the counter and used everyday.

In order to keep these cutting boards in mint condition, Ware has created his own solution: A board butter made of  a mix of mineral oil and organic bees wax. He suggests keeping your cutting board well oiled with mineral oil if it starts to look dry, then simply apply a thin layer of his board butter which helps repel water when you wash it.

Jordan Ware Cutting Boards 

Shop the collection now in-store and online at Vermont Kitchen Supply .Special thanks to Jordan Ware. 

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