Top 20 Tuesday | Trifolium Farms Raw Honey

Posted by Mary on 1st Jun 2015

TOP 20 TUESDAY: Trifolium Farms Raw Honey

Sure, I play favorites. But only when it is merited.

Am I proud of my niece Jennifer French and her young daughters for being the coolest beekeepers on the planet? Yup. But is that the only reason I love Trifolium Farms Raw Honey? Nope.

The benefits of Raw Honey are legendary among those who are well-versed in the health and nutritional fields. I know most of you probably use honey because you like the earthy sweetness. True, raw honey has a complex depth that refined sugars can't replicate. But, there are so many more reasons to love your local honey and the beekeepers that keep the bee hives safe and disease-free.

Shop locally. Buy local.