Butcher's Cotton Cooking Twine - 220'

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Cooking twine - otherwise known as butcher's string - makes everyday and holiday food preparation easier. Quickly truss a chicken or holiday turkey, secure crown roasts, Italian braciole or bacon-wrapped filets. A helpful addition to charcuterie supplies (the art of sausage making and preparing other cured, smoked and preserved meats) the Cooking Twine helps in brining chickens, forming sausages, kielbasa, and wursts, smoking and curing meats. It’s very handy around the house, garage, yard, and office, for crafts, tying up plants, drying flowers and herbs, securing bundles of newspapers and packages, tying down tarps, and so much more. 100% unbleached, all-natural cotton, biodegradable and fully compostable, food safe, and oven safe. 220-feet. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review