Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer

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Keep track of the temperature when making candy or deep frying with CDN's TCF400 thermometer. Made from durable laboratory glass, it has a non-mercuric column and a stainless steel clip. The temperature guides on the thermometer and sheath have color-coded scales to help you find the ideal temperature. Best of all, it is waterproof and heat safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Candy making requires precise temperature control for best results. Unlike water, syrup temperature does not increase in a smooth manner when it is heated — syrup “pauses” at a certain temperature. Because of this, it is important to observe the temperature at all times when heating candy syrup. Deep Fry Tips: Make sure that the oil is at the correct temperature before adding food. CAUTION: Add food carefully to avoid splattering the hot oil. Use enough oil. When food is added, it lowers the temperature of the oil. Small quantities of oil will cool at a faster rate than larger quantities. Frying at lower temperatures results in lighter color, less flavor development and increased oil absorption. Caution: The TCF400 has a glass housing. Let it cool while clipped to the pot or place it on a dry cloth. DO NOT set a hot thermometer on a cold or wet surface. Featuring advanced technology, quality construction, easy-to-read displays and user-friendly operations, CDN thermometers are essential tools in any kitchen. CDN covers the thermometer with a five-year limited warranty.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review