Glass Wine Carafe

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Drinks taste better when you use Bormioli Roccos’s Ypsilon Carafe! Whether you’re a restaurant owner or you need a carafe decanter for your family meals, Bormioli Rocco has the ideal glassware product for you! This elegant glass carafe (36.5oz) is perfect for serving many different kinds of drinks and beverages, including: Wine, Water, Milk, Juice, Coffee, Lemonade and Iced tea. The wine carafe has a wide mouth design, so it can easily fit ice cubes and fruit chunks that will make your drink refreshing and tasty. Super Easy Serving And Effortless Storage! The large carafe has a practical design that provides you with the most comfortable grip and optimal control when serving wine. In addition, the juice carafe has the ideal shape and diameter for your refrigerator door, so you can keep it within easy reach. Bormioli Rocco – Glassware Experts Since 1825! Our glass coffee carafe is made with premium quality star glass that is ultra-clear. So feel free to use the clear glass carafe daily and hand-wash it or put it in the dishwasher. Trust us, this glass carafe dispenser will always be crystal clear and flawless, and you will never have to replace it!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review