Jordan Ware Cutting Board #4

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This gorgeous wood cutting board is a Vermont -made, hand-made creation by  Jordan Ware. Currently, the chef at Hen of the Wood located in Burlington, VT Ware has been creating and crafting these beautiful wooden cutting boards using high quality wood from Tree House Lumber in South Burlington. The board is made up of the following woods: a mix of Walnut, Ambrosia Maple, Hard Maple, Sepeleh and Cherry.

Ware was inspired to create these cutting boards for use in his own kitchen and likes a cutting board that is solid, finished well, and something that can be used  hard everyday.  The process of making the board starts with Ware purchasing rough sawn lumber that he mills in his own garage "Wood is a constantly moving breathing thing so the process from lumbar yard to glued together boards is almost always different."- Ware. After glueing the strips together and planing the boards he spends a significant amount of time sanding and the last grit is done by hand so he can achieve a smooth finish.

When asked if he prefers plastic or wooden cutting boards, the answer was of course wooden " I prefer wooden boards, especially end grain boards.  They have a feel to them while you are cutting you just can not compare to plastic.  Our cutting board is alway on the counter and used everyday." - Ware


All boards come with Ware's very own board butter that he makes and consists of a mix mineral oil and organic bees wax.  Ware's advice is to keep your cutting board well oiled with mineral oil if it starts to look a dry.  Apply a thin layer of his board butter to help repel water when you wash it.    


Dimensions 18"x 13"