Lee Wooden Corn Cutter and Creamer

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The Lee Manufacturing Company Wooden Corn Cutter & Creamer is a handy and durable device will save you a HUGE amount of time when preparing fresh sweet corn. 

This is the original wooden corn cutter and creamer invented by J.B. Lee in 1939 and officially patented in 1942. 

It is famous for producing rich and flavorful cream style corn. It will easily clip and shred each juicy kernel, releasing the sweet milk inside. With a hardwood base and stainless steel blades and components, our famous corn cutter can also be used to remove whole kernel corn from the cob with ease. The main cutter is adjustable to the variety (height of kernel) of corn you are processing. For whole kernel goodness, just remove the shredder and set the cutting blade to the correct kernel height.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review