Miam Pancake Shaker

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No need for recipes, mixer, whisk, measuring cups, bowl. Simply put the flour, milk, eggs and sugar into the 27 fl oz glass shaker, add the "no-lump" ball and shake it for a few seconds. Pour directly into the hot pan.  No ladles, no mess!

The Miam shaker is made up of a stainless steel helix to get a perfectly mixed dough without any lumps.  Plus a grid under the lid prevents lumps when pouring the dough in the pan. 

This shaker fits in the refrigerator door to save the unued batter for another day.

There are 4 recipies printed right on the shaker to make 6 to 10 perfect French crêpes or pancakes. 

Made by Cookut, a company who's mission is to inspire as many people as possible to rediscover the pleasure of "cooking at home" by creating efficient, fun, and environmentally-friendly utensils.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review