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Masontops Pickle Packer combines form and function into a shredded veggie tamper that not only looks great, it efficiently pounds and packs veggies, saving time and effort during your fermentation process. Made of tough and durable all-natural Acacia wood, the business end of this solid wood tool makes quick work of the labor-intensive part of fermenting delicious and nutritious probiotic-rich foods at home. It's powerful functionality can cut fermenting veggie prepping time in half and help you pack veggies at tightly as possible. It's sleek but ergonomic hourglass shape feels comfortable in the hand and each of the flat ends are perfectly sized for either wide mouth or regular mouth mason jars and a wide variety of other vessels, including crocks, Fido jars and more. It's also multi-purpose and can be used as a muddler or pestle for grinding herbs, spices and fruits for all of your favorite food and drinks. And your Pickle Packer is not only a powerful additional for your fermentation toolkit, it's an environmentally responsible choice, Acacia wood is a fast-growing, renewable species that's tough and durable with a beautiful grain. It's easy to care for, simply hand wash and condition occasionally with mineral oil or bees wax. And it's just one of a wide assortment of Masontops custom-designed mason jar accessories and tools


(No reviews yet) Write a Review