Stover Tamer

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When low heat is still too hot, Stove Tamer keeps the heat just right!

  • Weatherbee’s Stove Tamer for controlling the heat levels of gas stove burners and prevent foods from burning, overbrowning, and boiling over
  • Made from solid aluminum (.125-inch thick); teardrop shape for easy handling; die-cut hole for easy maneuvering while hot; measures 7 x 6-inches
  • Control burner heat and prevent hot spots; diffuse heat across pan base for even, accurate cooking; eliminate burnt or scorched food for less waste
  • Simply place the Stove Tamer onto the gas burner and set cookware on top; helps balance smaller pots for less spills and better kitchen safety
  • Perfect for all stoves: Gas, electric or glass top 
  • Maneuver with a fork tine through the die-cut hole; cool completely before handling; wash in warm, soapy water



(No reviews yet) Write a Review