The Belltown Walnut Muddler

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We are so excited to carry these beautiful muddlers made in the U.S.A. from Brothers Muddlers.The Belltown is their flagship product named after their favorite drinking neighborhood in our hometown of Seattle. The brother's decided to create this cocktail muddler because of their frustration with muddlers on the market today. They are either too short knuckle busters, coated with lacquer that peels off into your drink, metal and slippery when wet, or way too costly to be an every day tool. They wanted something that was a joy to use and didn't break the bank. 


  • Extra long (11.5") to keep your knuckles off the tin.
  • A palm stop just above short tin height for extra protection.
  • Tapered handle to help prevent fatigue. 
  • A bell shaped bottom to keep it from knocking the tin over.
  • A flat end with a rounded edge to treat delicate herbs well.
  • Made of Walnut American Hardwood, light but tough. 
  • Made in America in a +100 year old wood working shop. 
  • Finished with a rub down of food safe oil to prevent rot.

Don't forget to grab some Muddler Wax to keep your muddler in top shape!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review