Unicorn Magnum Pepper Mill (add MALABAR PEPPERCORNS for the ultimate gift!!)

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We have a verbal list of our favorite products. The Magnum pepper mill is ALWAYS in the top ten of that list. I have to tell you, this pepper mill is just fantastic. It puts out the mother load of pepper with just one easy turn of the wrist. It is easy to hold onto and SOOOOOOO easy to fill and holds a ton of pepper. You can adjust the grind to be anywhere from ultra fine to chunky coarse by turning a nut with your fingertips. When folks say that they are looking for a pepper mill, we ask them if it is for next to the stove or on the table. We realize that this mill may not work well with your fine china but if you want a workhorse next to your stove, this is the mill for you. 5 1/2" of pure pepper power.

And, yes, there is a little tray for it to sit on and collect the pepper dust...

For the ultimate PEPPER FREAK - throw in a tube of TELLICHERRY PEPPERCORNS - they are the BEST!!! Item #15-0075