Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill

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One of our favorite culinary publications is Cook's Illustrated because they test bunches of products using a lot of the same criteria we do. Cook's Illustrated picked the Magnum Plus as being the best pepper mill on the market. This larger version of the Magnum is a favorite with restaurant folks because it has a huge capacity (read: doesn't need to be filled as often) and it holds the coarseness adjustment you choose. The manufacturers even make a holster for it so that servers can have a Magnum at hand when they present you with your salad. 

  • Magnum is 6" tall. 
  • Magnum Plus is 9" tall. 

For the true PEPPER LOVER on your list - throw in a tube of TELLICHERRY PEPPERCORNS!! They are the BEST - item#15-0075


(No reviews yet) Write a Review