Wüsthof Classic Serrated Bread Knife - 10"

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From one of the most respected names in cutlery, this scallop-edged bread knife double serrations for exceptionally clean, smooth and precise cuts of breads, roasted meats, or perfect slices of ripe tomato. Slice artisanal breads with less crumbs and minimal compression, plus the knife's flat tip helps you cut through the crusty bottom of a loaf of bread. Once the blade cuts through to the bottom of the loaf, tilt the blade forward toward the tip and drag the knife along the board to finish the last strip of crust. High-impact synthetic handle is comfortable to hold and more durable and sanitary than wood. Strong, long-lasting blade will hold its edge and maintain its shape.

Produced by skilled craftspeople in the knife-producing capital of the world, Wüsthof cutlery has been crafted in Solingen, Germany, for over 200 years.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review