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 I had a banner year for tomatoes. Actually, I am having a banner year.

My first harvest of 'sauce' tomatoes (the "ugly" ones that I don't give away), was about 40 pounds worth. My SQUEEZO and I got 11 quarts of sauce.

The second picking was just under 30# and yielded 9 quarts - all thanks to the SQUEEZO getting every last delicious bit out of each tomato.

There's no need to peel or core your bounty first. The SQUEEZO removes the skin, seeds and core all with just the turn of a handle. And the hopper holds a couple of pounds of fruit at one time so you don't have to drop it in piece by piece.

Although the SQUEEZO STRAINER was made famous for making quick work of tomato sauce, it is also fabulous for apples, berries, pears and peaches. 

The best part? MADE IN VERMONT!!!!!!!!!