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I came across my bathing suit the other day. Ugh. I was pulling out a pair of elastic waist sweat pants and it jumped to the top of the drawer. 

I realize that the melting of the snow, the chirping of the birds and budding of the trees come with a price: swimsuit season. It means the end of the bottomless bowl of linguine and Fred Flinstone-sized portions of popcorn.

So I went to my pantry and pushed the pasta pot and Dutch oven to the side, pulled my juicer out of hiding and replanted it on my countertop.

I know how juicing helps me slim down, makes my skin glow and increases my energy. It has been proven to me time and time again. I swear I'll always remember that.

But, I did leave my bathing suit hanging on the back of the bathroom door lest I forget.