Bench Scraper Cut & Scrape

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Divide and conquer! The Bench Scraper makes cutting, scraping and portioning dough a breeze. Sturdy stainless steel blade will help you ice a cake, cut pastries, transfer herbs and garlic to your pan, and cut and serve brownies and batch bakes. Pastry cutter evenly divides bread dough, shortbread cookies and cinnamon rolls. Featuring a tapered and offset blade, you'll be able to easily get under dough as well as cut and serve baked goods. Tapered blade edge makes it easy to scrape up bits of ingredients off your bench. Bench scraper blade also slides under pastry and bread dough, sheet cake, biscuits and scones. Ruler printed on the edge of the bench scraper for more precise cooking. With both inch and centimeter markings, you can ensure your cookies, meatballs, ravioli and all other cooking endeavors are perfectly proportioned. The ergonomic handle ensures the baking accessory is comfortable to use. The slightly curved handle fits into the contours of your hand, and the thumb divot gives you extra leverage for more precise baking. Measurement guide printed on blade for portioning.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review