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My dear friend George Mora is one of the best cooks and bakers I know. She makes everything and makes it all great. One day George was telling me how long it took her to chop the nuts for one of her killer breads and a light bulb went off above my head...I was so excited for her to try this nut chopper because I have used it for years and knew what a time saver it is. George shrugged and said 'Sure, I'll try it'. The next day the phone rang and I heard George say 'WOW - that is way cool. You're the best!'. If you chop nuts for baking, I would like for you to try this nut chopper. The more people thinking I am 'the best' the happier I am. It stands 8" tall, holds 1 1/3 cups and has measurements on the side. It says dishwasher safe but I have always washed it by hand because I would be afraid that the measurements would start to disappear.