Mayozen Mayonnaise Shaker

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Make a mayonnaise in a few minutes with the oil of your choice.

No need for a food processor to make make a delicious mayonnaise. With Mayozen shaker, make your mayonnaise by hand in a few minutes.

Combine an egg yolk, a generous tablespoon of mustard and oil. Then put the "mayo-turbo" ball inside the jar. Shake it for a few seconds and add some more oil, following the directions. Repeat the same process (oil/shaking) until you get the desired amount.

Why is Mayozen so effcient? Because of the "mayo-turbo" ball: 1 silicone ball designed with a specific shape that enables very quick emulsion. ((BPA free)

You'll get a firm and smooth mayonnais with a delicious home made mayonnaise taste. It works with any kind of oils - sunflower, olive, etc.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review