Moroccan Cooking Tagine

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The way to serve food in Morocco tingles all the senses.  Tagines serve as both the cooking vessel and serving dish, allowing food to stay warm for longer.  Moroccan tradition is to gather around and eat communally from the tagine, using pieces of bread to soak up the sauce and scoop up the vegetables and protein.  

The reason this cooking method has endured for so long is because tagines allow food to carmelize while cooking and to stay warm for longer when serving. By virtue of slow-cooking meat at low temperatures, effectively braising it until tender, a variety of cuts can be used.

The Moroccan Tagine is formed from the rich, red Moroccan soil of Wadi Lan, and then decorated with a lead-free glaze. Add slight splashes of color and Moroccan culture to your dinner table with our traditionally patterned design.

7" tall / 10" diameter




(No reviews yet) Write a Review